‘MALADIE D’ AMOUR Music Works’ was founded for the production of original works including the music work of Jánnos Eolou in collaboration with a variety of performing arts and audiovisual media combining arts, creating new forms of storytelling, often researching and experimenting. Artistic director and legal representative of the company is Jánnos Eolou.
‘MALADIE D’ AMOUR Music Works’ administers all the music work of Jánnos Eolou.

The company organises concerts of Jánnos Eolou and publishes his work exclusively.

The company has participated in European programs with many artistic institutions from Europe, including the Royal Theater of England, the Pilot (York) and the Carousel (Berlin), but also with theaters from the Netherlands, Italy, Austria, etc. Numerous film scores were produced for films in Germany, Netherlands, Greece.

It’s publications are distributed worldwide via several aggregators.

For all co-productions or licensing purposes, please, contact us at office@maladiedamour.org

Works produced and administered by Maladie d' Amour Music Works

1998 Dance of the Dead Roses Multimedia Production – (Symph. Orchestra & Choir)
1999 Anasa Chamber (Sextet) – Works based on Rembetiko
2002 Medea – Theatre Music Composition
2004 Solino – Film Score for Fatih Akin’s film
2005 Wintry Nostalgia – Film Score
2006 Hero in Rome – Film Score
2006 Alli Mia Kardia – Song for Yiannis Kotsiras
2006 Ti Einai to Taxidi – Song for Eleni Tsaligopoylou
2007 Quintessence – 60 min work for Symphony Orchestra and Mixed Choir
2007 Maronia Museum Installation – Chamber Quintet
2008 Amorosa (12 songs) – Singer Maria Papaleontiou
2008 The Narcissus Suite – Chamber work (Sextet) for strings, piano and double bass
2009 Diary of a Time Square Thief – Film Score
2009 Bells, Threads and Miracles – Film Score
2010 Skies to Eternity – Film Score
2011 One Fine Day – Film Score
2011 Ekatografia TV score – 120 episodes ERT3
2011 Tango ton Hristougennon (CHRISTMAS TANG0) – Film Score Symphony Orchestra – Best Original Soundtrack, Hellenic Film Academy
2011 Mia Stigmi gia Panta – Song for Giorgos Dalaras
2012 Drana – 10 episodes documentary on Drama (Symphony Orchestra and traditional instruments)
2013 The Narcissus Suite – Rearranged for two pianos.
2015 Time Squatters – Transmedia Project full album
2015 Pella – 4 episodes documentary of Pella (Symphony Orchestra and traditional instruments)
2016 Hara Theou – TV score – Cycle 1 (12 episodes)- ERT3
2017 Mount Olympus – 3D stereoscopic presentation project (Symphony orch & Trad. Clarinet)
2017 Corpus Aeternum – Work for Mixed Choir & Piano – ERT
2017 Hara Theou – TV score, Cycle 2 (12 episodes)- ERT3
2018 La Foret des Voeux – Chamber work (Sextet) for strings, piano, and accordion
2018 Hara Theou – TV score, Cycle 3 and 4 (24 episodes)- ERT3
2019 Ola I Tipota – Song for Kleoniki Demiri
2020 Birth of the Other – Relegious Music for Mixed Choir, Cimbalom, Cello, Oboe, Double bass
2020 Narcissus – (Re-worked) – Recorded (String quartet, piano, double bass)
2021 Duets – Trios (work in progress) Duets – Trios
2022 Duets – Trios (work in progress) Duets – Trios
2022 Helexpo – Smyrna (1922 – 2022) Aion en Ionia Smyrni kai Ponto Symphony orchestra, with mixed traditional band (Qanun, Clarino, Santoor, etc)
2022 Curve – Fethi Bullent bombing 1912 – VR Experience Symphony orchestra, and mixed choir.
2022 Tangos of the Magic Reality – 60 min String Orchestra, Piano and Bandoneon
2023 Duets – Trios (work in progress) Duets – Trios